All the resources you need to get and keep your Business running at it's fullest potential

TodaysKickStart offers low cost Business Services to help new or existing businesses thrive. We believe that when Businesses, their employees and management grow, then the community is bound to do the same. This is our mission... To help businesses and members of the community be at their best so that we can see true growth in the community! If you see services here that can help you grow, please inquire with us, when you grow with us you help us to make our communities a better place. Let us help you meet your goals as you help us reach ours. Our entire team work off of Founder Dan Wilson's principle "You Get What You Give". These simple ideals along with strategy and systems for your business can get your business to the next level no matter what state it is currently in. From Growing businesses to large Corporations, it works!

Business Consulting

TodaysKickStart offers a unique approach to helping you grow your business. Every business is different, but there are some KEY ideals that make all the difference. We start from top down management and bottom up systems. Check below to learn more.

Management Coaching

Many managers use out dated management techniques or have a style of management that is just not effective. If you are expecting  your Management team to perform better, we can help implement our "Top Down Management" techniques in your company

Website Design

This is one of the most dreaded topics for new business owners! They worry about spending way too much on a website that does not meet their needs, or does not portray the professional image that they want for their business. We offer low cost Websites with the professional look you are expecting

Flood Your City Internet Marketing

Our internet marketing team focuses on one thing, and that is to take up as much space in search engines as possible. If your company takes up 90% of the first 3 pages of search engines, then you can see the obvious advantage. Many companies that offer similar Services charge up to $500 per month. Here is the deal, we are not about getting rich at our customers expense. Instead we follow our mission. We want to grow with fellow businesses... We believe that this is the only way that we can grow and improve our community and society... That aside, Our Flood Your City program will give you 30 landing pages that we will have ranking on google within a week of finishing the site. It is like having 30 websites for less than paying for one, not to mention we do marketing for them every month to be sure they continue to rank highly. These landing pages will be optimized to rank for the highest searched terms in your market, marketed monthly and all of your landing pages will be linked to your main website to increase it's web ranking as well. Our company's president owns several small businesses and used this technique to grow them quickly and exponentially. We stand by it just like he does. To learn more and sign up click the button below.

Flood Your City 30 Landing Pages
$300 Setup
$99 per month

Learn More and Sign up

Basic Website Design
$20 per page Setup
$25 Per Month

Inexpensive Setup, and fully functional

Have a "" Website Address

Sales pages and forms included

Fully Functional site for less!

Professional Website Design
$25 Per page setup
$49 Per Month

All Basic Features are included

Have your own custom Web Address

Custom Email Addresses for you and your staff

Even more  Features, plus we give free updates to your site

$175 per month

Once per month full Session

Weekly Follow Up

One-on-One phone Coaching Sessions

Learn about our Top Down/Bottom Up management system 

$1000 per day

Our Coaches Travel to your Company

In Depth Management Training

Major Focus on how productivity starts at the top

This is an in Depth 5 Day Course discussing Top Down/Bottom Up