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Business Solutions at a price any business can afford is here to provide effective services that anyone can afford. We have solutions at many different price ranges that will match your business as it grows! You can choose from a website that costs under $100 to setup and it will be up and running within a few days, business consulting, as well as several marketing options to help you get the word out. Our most popular service is called FloodYourCity... This is 30 landing pages (one page websites) that will fill search engines with your businesses sites so that all consumers see is you! most companies charge thousands for a site that just has a few pages, with our FloodYourCity program, we create and host all 30 sites and give you marketing material to get the most out of it for only $197 per month.

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Website Design and Hosting's mission is to give small and growing business the same tools the big companies have in order to grow their business and their income. Building the proper site will generate more leads, more sales, and more referrals to your business. Click below to learn more! 360360

Online & Print Marketing

"Getting on the first page of Google"... This is what you hear everyone talking about now-a-days when it comes to online marketing. Actually search engine marketing is only a small percent of where most companies are getting customers. Click here to see how our online marketing system will work for you, as well as how to get cheap printed marketing supplies.

Business Consulting and Coaching

We believe that all businesses have the ability to succeed, but it is just about finding the right ways to make it happen. Get in touch with our Coaching team to find out many opportunities that you may be missing that will truly help you get the most out of your business! Let the experts help you, after all this is what we do...!


Let your business thrive, we have all that you need!

Do you ever feel like your business is not working the way you always wanted or expected? Are you stuck in a spot where you are forced to run your own business each day because you do not have the income to hire someone else to do it? Talk to our experts and we will get you on the right track to where you need to be! With any of our other services, we will give you one free Coaching Session to get you moving in the right direction! ($75 Value!!!)

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Flood Your City!!!

This is truly the best service that we offer, and the most popular! If you offer any service or sell any products, then this is a must! Most people charge thousands to design one website, we will give you 30 Landing Pages and the tools to you need to promote it like a pro!

 Click below to learn more and get signed up for this amazing service. We want you to flood the first two pages of search engines with your business' sites! We will create all 30 sites for your business, and even do a little kick off marketing to get them rolling! 

Flood Your City for only $197 per month!!!

Check out some of the templates we designed for us to create your sites!
(BTW we have included many types of photos to show you that this service is made for any business, and we will cater your site to your company!)

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